Gocciato: Triestino coffee

Italians take their coffee seriously, but generally quickly, standing at the counter, downing something short and black in one or two gulps. Cappucino is usually a breakfast drink, but luckily tourists are permitted to drink it all day.

With its Viennese coffee house tradition, Trieste seems to regard itself as something of a coffee centre of excellence.

At the bottom, Gocciato; the signature coffee of Trieste, similar to macchiato but with a smaller shot of froth. At least so the barista manual indicates. The location is the Caffè degli Specchi (www.caffespecchi.it).

At the top, poster appears to be the barista’s manual. Unfortunately the picture only shows the top half. You can find the entire poster on the cafe’s website. What appeals to me about this poster is that it features about 70 different kinds of coffee, and none of them require flavoured syrups and the like.


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